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Ten months at sea with a Penthouse centerfold (China Post Article by Dan Bloom)     

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"The DHARMA BUMs" Across The Oceans

Catamaran & Trimaran Blue Water Sailing

Wanna know about multihull ocean voyages?   I had never stepped aboard a sailing boat until 1987...    One year later I bought my own and started sailing seriously. :-)

DHARMA BUM, a Snowgoose 35 catamaran, from Plymouth in the U.K. to the Canary Islands to Belem in Brazil and to Kourou in French Guyana. The first part of the trip with one woman from Taiwan, one ancient mariner from England, one young American, and one crazy German. The continuation of the odyssee by two brothers. And the end in the mosquito-infested jungles of the Amazon delta.

DHARMA BUM II, a Tristar 38 trimaran, from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas to Hiva Oa to Takaroa to Tahiti to Tongatapu. Sailed by one Chinese woman from Taiwan with her foreign husband. From Tahiti on no engine anymore, ripped sails, and finally crippled by lightning. But still a fantastic trip! :-)

DHARMA BUM III    First leg of the trip with DHARMA BUM II     DHARMA BUM II story (Chinese)

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